AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01
Exam: CLF-C01

The AWS certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 examination is meant for individuals who have the know-how and competencies to effectively show the basic expertise of the AWS Cloud, unbiased of specific technical roles addressed by means of different AWS certifications (e.g., answers Architect – companion, Developer – associate, or SysOps Administrator – associate).

AWS Certifications are industry-identified credentials that validate your technical cloud abilities and know-how and at the same time help your career to grow. These are among the maximum treasured IT certifications right now, keeping in consideration that AWS has mounted an awesome lead within the public cloud market. Despite the presence of numerous tough competitors, which includes Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, and Rackspace, AWS is by far the most dominant public cloud platform these days. It comes with a remarkable collection of proprietary services

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner?

The certification will offer you an excessive stage assessment on what AWS Cloud is all about. The examination covers four domains i.e. AWS core offerings, cloud principles, security aspect, pricing and client support offerings. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a brand new entry-stage certification and enables individuals to validate their understanding of the AWS Cloud with an industry-recognized credential.

  • AWS Cloud and its simple global infrastructure
  • AWS Cloud architectural ideas
  • Billing, account management, and pricing fashion
  • AWS Cloud value proposition
  • Documentation or technical assistance (e.g. whitepapers or support                 tickets)
  • All Characteristics of deploying and operating within the AWS.
  • Simple protection and compliance elements of AWS platform

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