Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

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The Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam validates and individual’s ability to deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions. This individual is able to use Google Cloud Platform Console and the CLI to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud. Example concepts you should understand for this exam include:

  • Creation of projects and billing accounts
  • Planning and configuring compute resources, data storage options, and network resources
  • Deployment and implementation of a cloud solution
  • Managing App Engine, Compute Engine, and Kubernetes Engine
  • Management of IAM and Service accounts
Recommended Google Cloud Computing Course 
  • 6-month hands-on experience on Google Cloud Console and CLI
  • Understanding of core Google Cloud Platform services and their uses
  • This exam has no prerequisites
Chapter 01: Cloud Concepts

What is Cloud Computing?
Advantages of Cloud Computing
Types of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Deployments Models
Google Cloud Platform
GCP Resources
Global, Regional, and Zonal Resources
Ways to Interact with the Services
GCP’s Design and Structure
What are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services?
Practice Questions:

Chapter 02: Getting Started

GCP Cheat Sheet Introduction
Products/ Services as Building Block
Key Building Blocks
GCP- Getting Started
GCP Resources
Accessing resources through services
Global, regional, and zonal resources
Ways to interact with the services
Free- Tier GCP Accounts
Always Free
Create Free-Tier GCP Account (LAB)
Incognito Mood
Lab 2.1: Create a GCP Account
Explore GCP Console
Set up Billing Export
Lab 2.2: Billing Export
Set Up Billing Alerts
Budget Alert Threshold Rules
Lab 2.3: Set up Billing Alerts
Set Up Non- Admin User Access
Lab 2.4: Set up Non-Admin User
Cloud Shell and Editor
Lab 2.5: Cloud Shell
Data Flows
Mental Models
Cloud Shell Data Flow
Lab 2.6: Update Course Lab Files
Milestone: Open World
Practice Questions:

Chapter 03: Basic Services

Google Cloud Storage
Key Terms
Storage Classes
Lab 3.1- Creating a Bucket via GCP Console and Cloud SDK
Access Control
Cache Control and Consistency
Configuration Properties
Lab 3-2: Creating VM
Google Compute Engine
Virtual Machine Instances
Instance Templates
Instance Group
Sole-Tenant Nodes
Storage Options
Access Control
Lab 3-3 – Configuration on GCE
GCE in Console
Lab 3.4- Creating a Virtual Machine and Attaching GCS to it
Practice Questions:

Chapter 04: Scaling and Security

Lab 4.1: Managed Instance Groups
Proper Data flow
Controlling Data flow
AAA Data flow
What enables security in GCP?
IAM Resources Hierarchy
IAM Permissions & Roles
IAM Members & Groups
IAM Policies
Billing Access Control
Practice Questions

Chapter 05: Networking

OSI Model
OSI Layers
Routing to Google’s Network
Routing to the Right Resources
Routing Among Resources
Lab 5.1: Creating Auto-Mode VPCs
Lab 5.2: Custom-Mode VPCs
Lab 5.3: Two-Tier Custom Mode VPC
Practice Questions

Chapter 06: Google Engines

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Cluster Orchestration with GKE
GKE Workloads
Cluster Architecture
What is POD?
What is Deployment?
What are Stateful Sets?
What is a Daemon Set?
What is a Service?
HTTP(S) Load Balancing with Ingress
Storage Overview
Google App Engine (GAE)
Lab 6.1 – For Analyzing Data
Lab 6.2- Qwiklabs
Practice Questions

Google Cloud Certification

We will be discussing the general structure, basic stuff, advanced stuff and much more during the entire course. These things all-together make the foundation of Google Cloud, for your concepts building and your continuous learning. You are going to be challenged by Google in its exam to demonstrate what you have learned.

About Google Cloud Certification

Google Cloud Platform Certifications are industry-recognized credentials that validate your technical cloud skills and expertise while assisting you in your career growth. These are one of the most valuable IT certifications right now since GCP has established an overwhelming lead in the public cloud market. Even with the presence of several tough competitors such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Rackspace, GCP is gaining ground in the public cloud platform today, with an astounding collection of proprietary services that continues to grow.

The two key reasons as to why Google Cloud Certification are prevailing in the current cloud-oriented job market:
  • There is a dire need for skilled cloud engineers, developers, and architects – and the current shortage of experts is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.
  • The Google Cloud Certified assignment means you’ve exhibited the important aptitudes to use Google Cloud innovation in a manner that can change organizations and definitively sway the general population and clients they serve.
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