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An experienced & passionate global team of networking professionals; we commit to provide the in breed IP Networking content to boost your career.


What We Do?

Our vision is to produce qualified engineers in the field of IP Networking; offering extremely focused training content; with a case study-based approach.

How We Do it?

Our philosophy is to treat our customers like family. We want you to succeed, & we are willing to do anything possible to you make it happen. We have the proof to back up our claims. We strive to accelerate billions of careers with great courses, accessibility & affordability.


Our Team

Professional Team

Every one of our team members is devoted
to delivering the finest outcome.

Nouman Ahmed Khan


Nouman Ahmed Khan is a Solution Architect working with a major telecommunication provider in Qatar. He works with enterprises, mega-projects, and service providers to them select the fit technology solutions. He also works closely as a consultant to understand customer business processes and select an appropriate technology strategy to support business goals. He has more than 12 years of experience working in Pakistan/Middle-East & UK. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from NED University, Pakistan, and M.Sc. in Computer Networks from the UK.

Abubakar Saeed


Abubakar Saeed has more than twenty-five years of experience, Managing, Consulting, Designing, and implementing large-scale technology projects, extensive experience heading ISP operations, solutions integration, heading Product Development, Presales, and Solution Design. Emphasizing on adhering to Project timelines and delivering as per customer expectations, he always leads the project in the right direction with his innovative ideas and excellent management.

Dr. Fahad Abdali


Fahad Abdali is a seasoned leader with extensive experience managing and growing software development teams in high-growth start-ups. He is a business entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in management and marketing. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from NED University, Pakistan and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from University of Karachi.

Muhammad Mudassar


As the Chief Marketing Officer of IP Specialist, Muhammad Mudassar leads the company’s world-class marketing and PR teams. He has over 15 years’ experience in Telecom & ICT Leadership roles within a number of the globally integrated service provider and management consulting organizations. Mudassar holds Executive Leadership MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Masters in Management Consulting from University of Wales and Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Mehran University.

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