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Google Cloud SQL Companion Guide

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    Guide Overview

    Google Cloud SQL: A Quick Guide for Beginners – Companion Guide: First Edition – 2023

    Are you looking to learn about the foundational knowledge of Google Cloud SQL and how the service is implemented using the Google Cloud Platform? This book is an ideal resource to start your journey with confidence.

    This latest Companion guide to Google Cloud SQL service consists of different domains that will act as a bedrock of fundamental knowledge to understand Google Cloud SQL and for a career in the Google Cloud.

    This guide’s content is based on Google Cloud SQL functionalities and objective domains. The book also includes the basics of working with the Google Cloud Platform along with an introduction to the database technologies available for developers from Google Cloud. 

    This is a highly practical, intensive, yet comprehensive book that will teach you about Google Cloud SQL. The book includes:

    • Covers a detailed understanding of Google Cloud Platform, services, and its species.
    • Practice Questions.
    • Mind-maps.
    • Hand-on practice labs.
    • Real-world examples.
    • Exam tips.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction

    • Cloud Computing

    • Google Cloud Platform

    • Cloud SQL

    • Creating and Managing instance

    • Connecting to a Cloud SQL instance

    • Replication and Data Management

    Course Content

    Course Content

    This course includes

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