Comptia Cloud Essentials

Comptia Cloud Essentials

Comptia Cloud Essentials

covers all the necessary information you need to pass the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Exam Objectives CLO-001 exam. The workbook is designed to take a practical approach of learning with real life scenarios and case studies.

  • Covers complete CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-001 blueprint
  • Summarized content
  • Case Study based approach
  • Ready to practice labs on Virtualized Environment
  • 100% passing guarantee
  • Mind maps


Comptia Cloud Essentials Certifications

CompTIA certification program is a vendor-neutral certification program that recognizes the best certifications in IT world. From the beginning till now, CompTIA launched more than two million certifications.

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification focuses on the real-world issues and practical solutions of cloud computing in business and IT. It is the preferred cloud certification for business professionals and non-IT staff. Although it is not a challenging technical certification, but its concept is based on the principles of cloud computing.

CompTIA certifications are grouped by skill set. Currently, CompTIA certs fall info four areas: Core, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Additional Professional certifications. The certification of CompTIA Cloud Essentials lies in the Additional Professional area.


How does CompTIA certifications help?

CompTIA certifications are a de facto standard in networking industry, which helps you boost your career in the following ways:

  1. Gets your foot in the door by launching your IT career
  2. Boosts your confidence level
  3. Proves knowledge, which helps improve employment opportunities


As for companies, CompTIA certifications is a way to:
  1. Screen job applicants.
  2. Validate the technical skills of the candidate.
  3. Ensure quality, competency, and relevancy.
  4. Improve organization credibility and customer’s loyalty.
  5. Meet the requirement in maintaining organization partnership level with OEMs.
  6. Help in job retention and promotion


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