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Implementing Cisco IP Routing (SWITCH)

Exam: 300-115
About this Workbook

This workbook covers all the information you need to pass the Cisco CCNP 300-115 exam. The workbook is designed to take a practical approach of learning with real life examples and case studies.

About the CCNP Exam
  • Exam Number: 300-115 Switch
  • Associated Certifications: CCNP Routing and Switching
  • Duration: 120 minutes (30-40 questions)
  • Exam Registration: Pearson VUE

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH 300-115) is a 120-minute qualifying exam with 45‒55 questions for the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching and CCDP certifications. The SWITCH 300-115 exam certifies the switching knowledge and skills of successful candidates. They are certified in planning, configuring, and verifying the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions that use the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture. The SWITCH exam also covers highly secure integration of VLANs and WLANs.

The following topics are general guidelines for the content that is likely to be included on the exam
  • Layer 2 Technologies          65%
  • Infrastructure Security       20%
  • Infrastructure Services       15%

Complete list of topics covered in the CCNP Route 300-101 exam can be downloaded from here:

  • Covers complete CCNP Switch blueprint
  • Summarized content
  • Case Study based approach
  • Ready to practice labs on GNS3/VM
  • 100% passing guarantee
  • Mind maps
Exam Description

Passing this exam certifies the candidate to have switching knowledge and skills. The certified candidates can competently plan, configure, and verify the implementation of simplest as well as the complex enterprise switching solutions that use the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

About this Workbook
Cisco Certifications

About the CCNP Exam
How to become CCNP?

Chapter 1: Layer 2 Technologies
Technology Review
Administering the Switch
Managing the System Time and Date
SDM Template:
Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
Lab 1-1: Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
Lab 1-2 : Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
UDLD (Unidirectional Link Detection)
Lab 1-3 : Unidirectional Link Detection Protocol
VLANs (virtual LAN)
Lab 1-4 : VLAN Configuration
VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol)
Lab 1-5 : VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
Lab 1-6 : Layer 2 Ether Channel
Lab 1-7 : Layer 3 Ether Channel
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
Lab 1-8 :Multiple Spanning Tree (MST)
Remote SPAN

Chapter 2: Infrastructure Security
Technology Overview
Understanding DHCP
DHCP Snooping
Lab 2-1: DHCP Snooping
IP Source Guard
Source IP Address Filtering
Private VLANs
Storm Control:
Port Security
AAA Protocols: RADIUS and TACACS+

Chapter 3: Infrastructure Services
Technology Overview
Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
Lab 3-1 : Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
Lab 3-2 : Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
Gateway Locad balancing Protocol (GLBP)
Lab 3-3 : Gateway Load balancing Protocol

Cisco Certifications

Cisco Systems, Inc. specializes in networking and communication products and services. A leader in global technology, the company is best known for its business routing and switching products that direct data, voice, and video traffic across networks worldwide.

Cisco also offers one of the most comprehensive vendor-specific certification programs in the world, the Cisco Career Certification Program. The program has six (6) levels, which begins at the Entry level and then advances to Associate, Professional, and Expert levels. For some certifications, the program closes at the Architect level.

Cisco Certification Tracks

Online Cisco Certifications courses

How does Cisco certifications help?

Cisco certifications are a de facto standard in networking industry, which helps you boost your career in the following ways:

  1. Gets your foot in the door by launching your IT career
  2. Boosts your confidence level
  3. Proves knowledge, which helps improve employment opportunities
As for companies, Cisco certifications are a way to:
  1. Screen job applicants
  2. Validate the technical skills of the candidate
  3. Ensure quality, competency, and relevancy
  4. Improve organization credibility and customer’s loyalty
  5. Meet the requirement in maintaining organization partnership level with OEMs
  6. Help in job retention and promotion
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