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AWS CodeDeploy – Its Benefits & Its Deployment Strategies

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AWS CodeDeploy is a managed software deployment tool for Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and your on-premises servers. It simplifies the delivery of new features, reduces application deployment downtime, and manages the complexity of application updates. The service is used for automating software deployments, removing the need for error-prone human processes. It can be scaled to meet your deployment requirements.

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  • Deployment Automation

AWS CodeDeploy completely automates your software deployments, giving you the confidence and speed you need. You can deploy your application uniformly across your development, test, and production environments, whether you use Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, or on-premises servers. The service adapts to the size of your network.

  • Reduce Downtime

AWS During the software deployment process, CodeDeploy assists you in maximizing application availability. It gradually introduces updates and monitors the program’s health based on user-defined rules. If there are any mistakes, software installations can be quickly halted and reversed.

  • Centralized Control

AWS Through the AWS Management Console or the AWS CLI, CodeDeploy makes it simple to launch and manage the status of your application deployments. You can see when and where each application revision was deployed in detail with CodeDeploy’s detailed report. You may also create push notifications to receive real-time deployment changes.

  • Adoption is Simple

AWS CodeDeploy can deploy any application to Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, or AWS Lambda regardless of platform or language. You may easily reuse the setup code you already have. This service can also work with your current software release procedure or continuous delivery pipeline.

AWS CodeDeploy Deployment Strategies

Automation with little service interruption is ideal for delivering new resources and code versions into your production environment. A deployment strategy is significant because it reduces manual configuration and enhances serviceability while also reducing downtime during the deployment.

Elastic Beanstalk, CodeDeploy, ECS, and EKS are just a few of AWS’s deployment techniques with its services. In-place, blue/green, and rolling are the three most typical deployment tactics you will come across. These deployment tactics are incorporated into the AWS service and will assist you in automating and systematically deploying new apps.

  • Blue /Green Strategy

The blue/green deployment technique separates the infrastructure into two distinct contexts. The prior code or configuration is found in the blue environment, whereas the most recent code or configuration is in the green environment. Traffic is transferred to the newest environment (green) and diverted away from the previous environment (blue) by moving the DNS record to green’s load balancer using Route 53.

The blue/green technique offers the advantage of rolling back a deployment fast and smoothly if it fails. A disadvantage of deploying blue/green is the cost of running two infrastructure environments simultaneously.

  • In-Place Planning

In contrast to the blue/green technique, in-place deployment uses existing infrastructure to distribute new versions of an application.

This deployment technique is less expensive than blue/green because no new infrastructure is required; nonetheless, it has a downside. The disadvantage is that it will bring your infrastructure to a halt while you deploy your new code. Your application may experience a minor outage if there are insufficient resources to deal with the downtime.

Staggering the deployment is one way to ensure that enough infrastructure resources are available to meet demand. The in-place deployment strategy’s second disadvantage is that it takes longer to roll back because it changes if a failure occurs. This is because, unlike diverting traffic to the previous version’s load balancer in blue/green, the infrastructure must be reverted.


  • Rolling Strategy

Rolling deployment is the final deployment strategy. As with blue/green deployments, this deployment replaces the underlying infrastructure. One by one, resources are taken offline and replaced with new resources that run the most recent version of an application.

Difference Between the Rolling and Blue/Green Strategies

The distinction between a rolling and a blue/green strategy is that the infrastructure in a rolling strategy is not in a separate network or environment, as it is in a blue/green approach. Rolling deployments, like in-place deployments, are subject to a dangerous rollback if problems arise during deployment. Rolling deployments require more infrastructure resources to accommodate the demand to avoid failures, and only a few resources can be accessed at once to avoid downtime.


By imposing operational excellence and dependability pillars, these varied deployment options strive to reinforce the AWS Well-Architected Framework. AWS ensures that your applications are launched quickly using one of these three deployment options: blue/green, in-place, or rolling. The safest way is to use blue/green, which creates a distinct environment with resources running the most recent version of your program. To deploy code, in-place makes use of the current resources.

For businesses that do not use immutable resources, this option is recommended. Finally, rolling deployments, like blue/green deployments, establish new infrastructure; however, unlike in-place deployments, resources are not divided into various networks. Application downtime can be reduced while deployments are automated if any deployment procedures are followed.

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