Free Resources

Below are the free resources you can avail for free after registration.

Exam Practice Questions in Quiz Simulation:

IP Specialists’ Practice Questions have been developed keeping in mind the certification exam perspective. The collection of these questions from our technology workbooks is prepared to keep the exam blueprint in mind covering not only important but necessary topics as well. It is an ideal document to practice and revise your certification.

Career Report:

This report is a step by step guide for a students and professionals who want to develop his/her career in the field of emerging technologies like Cloud, Cyber Security and Networking. It answers the following queries:

– Current scenarios and future prospects.
– What will the monetary benefits be?
– Why get certified?
– How to plan and when will I complete the certifications if I start today?
– Is there any career track that I can follow to accomplish specialization level?
– Is this industry moving towards saturation or are new opportunities knocking at the door?

Furthermore, this guide provides a comprehensive career path towards being a specialist in the field of networking and also highlights the tracks needed to obtain certification.

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