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Cyber Awareness Challenges Answers

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Cybersecurity is a growing concern in the digital age. Knowing how to protect yourself from cyber threats is essential to keep your information safe and secure. The Cyber Awareness Challenge is a training program designed to educate individuals and organizations about cybersecurity threats and risks and provide them with the knowledge and skills to protect their sensitive data and systems from cyber-attacks.

It typically includes information on computer security, network security, social engineering, and incident response topics. The Cyber Awareness Challenge is often required for federal employees and contractors, as well as for employees of companies that handle sensitive information. This article will cover the detailed knowledge of Cyber Awareness Challenges Answers.


Goals of the Cyber Awareness Challenge

The goals of the Cyber Awareness Challenge are to:


  • Educate individuals and organizations about the current cyber security threats, risks they may face, and how to protect themselves.


  • Give participants the knowledge and skills they need to recognize and prevent potential cyber-attacks and respond appropriately in the event of a security incident.


  • Raise awareness of the importance of cyber security and the role that everyone plays in protecting sensitive information and systems.


  • Encourage participants to take an active role in their cyber security and to make cyber security a regular part of their daily routine.


  • Help organizations to comply with regulatory and legal requirements for cyber security.


  • Train and update employees, contractors, and associated personnel with the latest cyber security best practices, trends, and threats.


What Does the Cyber Awareness Challenge Consist of? 

The Cyber Awareness Challenge consists of a series of tests that cover a wide range of topics related to Cybersecurity. It includes multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop exercises, and simulations. It also provides helpful tips and information on protecting yourself from cyber threats.


Who Needs To Take The Cyber Awareness Challenge? 

The challenge is for anyone who wants or needs an understanding of cyber threats and how best to protect themselves. It is especially beneficial for those who work in positions where they have access to sensitive data or systems. It can also be helpful for those who use computers often in their daily lives and want a better understanding of how they can protect themselves online.


What Kind of Impact Could it have?

The effects of this task may be enormous! People can be brought together around cyber security issues and taught the best ways to keep safe online, which might significantly improve overall digital safety for all participating countries. Additionally, if businesses successfully work together to overcome this obstacle, technologies for spotting and stopping cyberattacks before they cause too much damage could significantly advance.


How does one get Cyber Awareness Certificate?

  • The Cyber Awareness Challenge training and certificate should be made available to all employees, regardless of their position within the business.


  • Employees must first prepare for the exam to receive their certificates of cyber awareness.


  • It is critical to remember that the Cyber Awareness test lasts approximately one hour. You should regularly assess your understanding of the cyber awareness challenge.


  • You should also take the exam every year, especially if your primary responsibility at your employer or government organisation is Cybersecurity.


  • Senior management must ensure that employees receive the necessary training and certification.


What Does the Challenge Offer?

The Cyber Awareness Challenge offers a variety of helpful resources that can be used by anyone looking to increase their knowledge of current cyber threats. It includes an interactive quiz featuring real-life scenarios, such as a suspicious email containing a link or a request for confidential information. The quiz also covers topics such as encrypting data, passwords, two-factor authentication methods, and more. Additionally, the challenge provides helpful tips on keeping your digital devices secure and protecting yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime.


The Benefits of Participating in Cyber Awareness Challenges


  • Knowledge and Skillset Expansion

One of the most important advantages of taking part in a cyber-awareness challenge is that it allows you to broaden your cyber security knowledge and skill set. By being exposed to different concepts and approaches to threat prevention, you can gain valuable insight into the latest technologies used by hackers and how they use those technologies against their targets. In addition, taking part in various challenges can provide you with practical experience.


  • Stay Up-to-Date on Current Threats 

Another benefit of taking part in cyber awareness challenges is that it helps keep you up-to-date on current threats. Through these challenges, you can gain exposure to some of the latest tactics used by hackers and learn new ways to protect yourself from them. This knowledge can help ensure that your data remains secure at all times, regardless of whether or not malicious actors have compromised it.


  • Increased Security Awareness 

Finally, participating in cyber awareness challenges can increase security awareness. By becoming more aware of how hackers operate and their techniques, you will be better equipped to identify potential threats before they become serious issues for your organization or business. Additionally, these challenges often include tips on how best to respond if an attack occurs, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe even if something goes wrong.


Cyber Awareness Challenges Answers

The below section will cover Cyber Awareness Challenges Answers which include:


  • Which actions should you NOT take if you come across classified information on the internet?


  1. Note the website’s URL
  2. Download the information ✅
  3. Report it to security


Explanation: Come across classified information on the internet. You should not download or save the classified information, distribute or share the classified information, or attempt to access classified information that you are not authorized to view.


  • What level of harm to national security can you reasonably expect the disclosure of Top Secret information to cause?


  1. Damage
  2. Serious damage
  3. Exceptionally grave damage ✅


Explanation: If its unauthorized revelation may reasonably be anticipated to seriously harm national security, the information should be classified as Top Secret.


  • Which of the following does not constitute CUI?


  1. Proprietary data
  2. Press release data ✅
  3. Financial information


Explanation: Press release data, also known as public information, does not constitute Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) because it is information intended for public distribution. CUI refers to sensitive but not classified information and requires protection from unauthorized disclosure. On the other hand, press release data is the information intended to be widely disseminated to the public and does not require protection from unauthorized disclosure.


  • Which of the following is NOT a proper way to protect against CUI?


  1. Any password-protected system can store CUI ✅
  2. After working hours, CUI may be stored on a locked desk
  3. If encrypted, CUI can be emailed


Explanation: A password-protected system can store Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) because it provides a level of security that helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.


  • When is it appropriate to display your security badge?


  1. Only when badging in
  2. At all times when in the facility ✅
  3. At any time during the workday, including when leaving the facility


Explanation: It is appropriate to display your security badge at all times when in the facility because it helps to identify authorized personnel and restrict access to certain areas. Security badges are typically used as a means of identification and access control within a secure facility.


  • What should the participants in this SCI-related conversation do differently?


  1. Physically check to ensure that everyone within hearing distance is clear and has a need-to-know for the information being discussed ✅
  2. To avoid being overheard, conduct the conversation via email or instant messenger
  3. Nothing. It is reasonable to assume that everyone in the SCIF has been properly cleared


Explanation: Participants in a conversation related to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) should take extra precautions to ensure that the information being discussed is not overheard or disclosed to unauthorized individuals.


  • What is the response to an incident such as an uncontrollable DVD being played on a computer in a SCIF?


  1. Inform your security POC
  2. Examine the media for viruses or malicious software
  3. Examine the other SCIF workstations for viruses or malicious code
  4. All of the above ✅


Explanation: The response to an incident, such as an uncontrollable DVD being played on a computer in a SCIF, would involve emergency shutdown, isolation, investigation, identification of sensitive information, notification, remediation, continual monitoring, and training.


  • Which of the following describes malicious code?


  1. A system notification to install security updates
  2. Without the user’s knowledge, software installs itself ✅
  3. A network traffic firewall that monitors and controls network traffic


Explanation: One of the dangers of malicious code is that it can install itself on a computer without the user’s knowledge. This type of malware is called “drive-by-download” and typically infects a computer when a user visits a compromised website or clicks on a malicious link.


  • How can malicious code cause damage?


  1. Corrupting files
  2. Erasing your hard drive
  3. Allowing hackers access
  4. All of the above ✅


Explanation: Malicious code can cause damage by stealing sensitive information, gaining unauthorized access, causing a denial of service, spreading to other systems, destroying data, cryptojacking, demanding ransom, and creating a botnet.


  • What are the dangers of using free public Wi-Fi?


  1. Compromise of data
  2. Exposure to malware
  3. Both of these✅


Explanation: Most free public Wi-Fi networks are unsecured; therefore, they do not require a password or any other form of authentication. Anyone can connect to the network and access your data, including your passwords and credit card information. On these public networks, hackers may also use malicious software, such as spyware or keylogging software, to steal your personal information.



Taking part in cyber awareness challenges is one of the best ways for individuals and businesses to stay informed about current threats and increase their understanding of cybersecurity practices. These events provide valuable insight into potential risks and allow participants to practice responding appropriately should an attack occur, giving them added peace of mind that their data is well protected. Engaging with cyber awareness challenges is key for businesses seeking reliable protection against today’s evolving digital landscape.

It gives users an understanding of basic cybersecurity principles and provides organizations with standard procedures and guidelines that everyone must follow to stay secure online.


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