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Cyber Security | Its purpose and importance to cyberspace

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Computers and the internet have been serving humanity for the past several decades. It has proven its help to provide a better quality of living for the people in society. However, have you pondered about the safety of the stakeholders of Cyberspace? In the physical world exists vulnerabilities and risk in different forms, and so does in Cyberspace.

As you use your devices and the internet, you may already be aware and have some idea about the existence of risks and threats in the digital realm. Are you familiar with the antivirus software that you use on your laptop and other devices? We are going to talk about Cybersecurity, its purpose, and its importance to Cyberspace.


In this article, we are going to talk about the following:

  • What is Cyber Security?
  • Why do we need Cyber Security?
  • The threats to Cyber Security
  • Why do cybercrimes occur?


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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the technologies and processes that are designed and used to protect data, servers, computer systems, and networks from misleading propaganda and various malicious attacks. It is significant nowadays to protect people from mischievous opportunists in Cyberspace.


Why do we need Cyber Security?

Let’s take, for instance, as you are peacefully doing your tasks using your computer, a hacker, without your knowledge, is trying to prey on the important information that you have in your computer. Then through your vulnerabilities, the hacker can infiltrate your computer to transfer important files to the hacker’s device and use it for malicious intent.

Cyber Security intends to protect users, properties, and various categories of data from illegalities and disruption. Experts use these basic yet most important security concepts to provide more efficient services to their users.


How does Cyber Security work?

Cyber Security helps users protect their data in their computer systems. There are various ways that you yourself can protect your important files and your computer system from being corrupted. It helps secure users’ computers through:

  • Antivirus
  • Secure passwords
  • Two-way authentication
  • Firewall
  • Securing DNS
  • Cryptography


Threats to Cyber Security

The existence of vulnerabilities opens doors for Cybercrimes to take place in many forms. There are also various probable reasons why these Cyber Crimes are done by these mischiefs which we will discuss in the following agenda. Back on the current topic, Cyber Threats could cause not only digital problems, but it can also threaten important activities in real life like breaching confidential documents that should not be exposed to any unauthorized person could cause dispute among people of interests and worst, it could also be a big threat to the National Security of a nation.

There are also types of cybercrime done in different circumstances. Like when a computer is used to execute a crime, when a computer is the one being attacked on the crime, and when computers are used in the crime by chance. Now, let us discuss the types of Cyber Threats to Cyber Security.


10 Types of Cyber Threats to Cyber Security 

  1. Password Attack.
  2. Man in the middle attack (MitM).
  3. Denial of Service (DOS).
  4. Phishing
  5. Eavesdropping attack.
  6. Malware attack.
  7. Trojans
  8. Ransomware
  9. Data breaches
  10. SQL injection attack

Note: There are more threats existing in Cyberspace besides these threats.


Why do Cybercrimes occur?

Now, we’ve arrived at this last topic for this article. What could be the primary reasons why Cybercrimes take place? Cybercrimes occur because of different reasons and because of the attacker’s intent for the crime. But at this moment, I will give you several of the main reasons why Cybercrime occurs.

  1. To steal information.
  2. To demand ransom.
  3. To disperse political and other beliefs.
  4. To trigger fear and create chaos.
  5. To spy on a military agenda and breach national security secrets.

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