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The greatest method to thrive in the IT business is to gain experience and build specialized abilities that will set you apart from the competition. Certain certification tests, particularly those for expert and professional credentials, are difficult and necessitate a deliberate approach and thorough study.

Understand The Exam’s Objectives, Questions, And Format

To pass your next certification exam, you will need to research the exam’s objectives and format so that you can set a clear goal for yourself. When you know what to expect, you will feel more at ease when taking the exam.


Perfection Comes With Practice

Hands-on training or practical experience is the most effective way to gain an in-depth understanding of IT concepts and is the finest preparation for a professional certification exam. When you grasp techniques, retaining knowledge and recalling it when needed is simple. You should also take practice tests and look into previous editions of the exam to discover which topics and exam questions are always included. Taking a practice exam will allow you to identify any areas of weakness that you may work on later. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the examination process.


A Single Cram Session For Studying Will Not Suffice

David Ross, a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) expert, is referring to a GCP certification here, but it applies to all certifications. Few people can walk up on exam day with little or no preparation and pass.

GCP examinations, for example, are prepared with the assumption that the test-taker knows the material and has a lot of experience in a GCP context. Reading or self-study alone will not provide you with that level of knowledge. It cannot be learned the night before the exam, practical experience is required.

It is one of the most important aspects of learning and helps to maintain the certification’s credibility. Passing a certification exam becomes increasingly difficult without actual hands-on experience.


The Gold Standard Of Education Is An Instructor-led Training

Interact with specialists on a one-on-one basis. The advantage of live, instructor-led training courses is this. Authorized training providers hire subject matter experts with real-world experience to teach students. These teachers are sometimes the same people who provide the content for certification tests.

The concern of studying out-of-date material is also eliminated with instructor-led instruction. It might be difficult to tell if a training resource is up to date due to constant technological advancements. Recent technological changes can be handled in real-time in a live classroom setting.

Global Knowledge collaborates closely with its training partners to guarantee that technology and course improvements occur at the same time. Current best practices and hands-on labs are added to the courses in real-time. Instructor-led training is the ideal option when the abilities you need to master are crucial.


Preparation Courses For Certification

Global Knowledge also offers certification boot camps and preparation training. These courses will offer you important information as well as the abilities you will need to pass specific exams. 91% of Global Knowledge students pass their certification exam the first time they take it.


Understand How To Pass The Certification Exam

The first stage is to gain technical expertise. Here are some test-taking strategies for a variety of certification exams.


AWS (Amazon Web Services )

Take the test in a series of waves because AWS allows you to examine past questions. This assures that you complete the exam and receive credit for the easy questions. After that, go back and answer the more difficult questions.

For further preparation, check out our AWS Courses:



Answer all of the questions. Wrong answers are not penalized by CompTIA. A guess is preferable to leaving a question unanswered.

For further preparation, check out our CompTIA Courses:


The Google Cloud Platform

This is more of a test preparation tip, but before the exam, go over the case studies provided by Google. Questions on GCP certification examinations are based on one of four hypothetical client scenarios, which you can review ahead of time. Consider potential solutions for each case study, and you will be in better shape when the exam’s multiple-choice questions appear.

For further preparation, check out our Google Cloud Platform Courses:



You will be given the total number of questions as well as the amount of time you have. Calculate how much time you have for each question to ensure you finish the exam.

For further preparation, check out our Microsoft Azure Courses:


Make A Study Schedule

In a day, how much time do you spend studying? What is the approximate amount of study material you will need to go through? You will need the correct exam preparation method to adequately prepare yourself. If you work and are studying for an exam, you should begin studying a few months ahead of time. Make a daily and weekly routine for yourself. Start by devoting a few hours and progressively expanding your study time.

You can obtain up-to-date information about the exam criteria online if you have a Google Professional Cloud architect certification or a certification from another prominent company.


Everything Is Easier With Training Courses

Preparation classes are likely to be the most effective strategy to pass your next certification exam. You must put in a lot of work before and after class to pass it effectively, and certification training provides accurate and in-depth knowledge that will assist you. Exam preparation should include both official training and independent study.


Certifications May Expire

You should also be aware of when your credential expires. Many certificates necessitate re-certification every two to three years. Certifications with AWS are valid for two years. The recertification exam is not the same as the original it is less difficult. Microsoft also offers a two-year recertification window during which you can take a recertification exam or enroll in a stay-current course to demonstrate your continuous competency.



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Sign-Up with your email address to receive news, new content updates, FREE reports and our most-awaited special discount offers on curated titles !