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How to Pass the Cisco CCNP Security Certification Exam?

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Whether your team members are novices or seasoned IT specialists, they should be informed about Cisco’s new CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Security certification. With the new certification, one can demonstrate that the staff has the knowledge and abilities to handle typical cyber threats effectively. The importance of security technologies and the need for skilled specialists increase as cyber threats become more complex and widespread. Individuals may acquire the skills and information necessary to pass the test and receive certification by taking the CCNP Security Certification Course.

A candidate could gain knowledge and abilities in many areas by earning the CCNP Security Certification, including cloud security, network security, network resources, access points, policy enforcement, and securing information in enterprise settings.

A cybersecurity certification like CCNP Security can assist your staff in gaining the new abilities, expertise, and credentials needed to handle current cybersecurity difficulties. It shows an understanding of Cisco’s switching and routing architecture. This article covers details about the Cisco CCNP Security Certification Exam and knowledge of how to pass it.

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Cisco Certifications

As a leader in worldwide technology, Cisco Systems, Inc. focuses on networking and communications-related goods and services. The company’s business switching and routing products, which route data, voice, and video traffic across networks all over the world, are presumably well recognized.

Cisco certifications are widely recognized and valuable certifications that an IT infrastructure professional can acquire. Cisco certification training courses are helpful when you need to succeed, whether preparing for your CCNA, CCNP, or CCENT exams.

Cisco’s training and certification programs have been updated to consider today’s rapidly changing technologies and to help students, engineers, and software developers succeed in the most crucial positions in the sector.

What is CCNP Security?

Security and connection are two facets of networking that complement one another, and security is now given a higher priority on a wider scale. Another essential element of contemporary networked systems is automation. The team’s proficiency in developing, putting into practice, and administering security solutions is verified by the CCNP Security Certification. To obtain the CCNP Security certification, an applicant must pass two tests, one of which covers fundamental security technologies and enables the certificate to be customized to the applicant’s area of expertise.

CCNP Security Certification

The CCNP Security Certification is earned by passing exams:

  1. The required Security CORE (SCOR) exam, which contains Core security technologies
  2. The Security Concentration exam

Following are the CCNP Security Concentration exams:

  • Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower (SNCF 300-710)
  • Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE 300-715)
  • Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance (SESA 300-720)
  • Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance (SWSA 300-725)
  • Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks (SVPN 300-730)
  • Automating Cisco Security Solutions (SAUTO 300-735)


Who is Eligible to Take the CCNP Security Exam?

Candidates with at least one year of networking experience should consider the CCNP Certification. Once certified as CCNPs, professionals can demonstrate their abilities for roles like:

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Technician
  • Support Engineer
  • System Engineer

CCNP Security Requirements

Anyone who desires to work in the security field, such as Network engineers, must possess the CCNP Security Certification.

The CCNP Security certification is regarded as one of the most prestigious credentials in this field. Teams also have the option to focus on obtaining certification in a technical area that particularly interests them.

Candidates should be familiar with Networking before attempting to earn this certification. The business advises a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years of expertise with Cisco networking gear.

The CCNP test has fewer questions, but you have an extra 30 minutes to complete it.


Recertification is a crucial sign that has kept up with technological advancements and has proven proficiency at the high standard of the initial certification exam. There will be a three-year renewal requirement for all certifications.

To recertify:

  • Pass a single core technology exam
  • Passing two professional concentration tests of your choice
  • CCIE lab exam passed

Tips to Make CCNP Security Exam Preparation Productive

  • The CCNA is Essential

A comprehensive understanding of what candidates have already learned in CCNA is required for CCNP Security. Due to this, passing the CCNA test is a requirement before taking the CCNP Security exam. The CCNA certification creates the groundwork for CCNP Security, so candidates must consider it the best option available. Although not entirely new, the subjects covered in CCNP Security are a little more deeply ingrained in CCNA material. Therefore, one must pass the CCNA test and fully comprehend its topics before taking the CCNP Security exam.

  • Hands-on Experience

If a candidate had obtained CCNA certification, he would know that no Cisco exam can be passed without prior practical experience. Before attempting the CCNP Security exam, Cisco advises having 1 to 3 years of experience. This is so the candidate may become familiar with all of its Cisco CCNP Security equipment firsthand. The CCNP Security principles need to be thoroughly understood, and the only way to achieve so is to practice in the lab until you master them.

  • Study Resources

Cisco Books are the best guide to preparing for any Cisco exam. In July 2022, IPSpecialist published the most recent edition following the latest exam blueprint. One can develop experience in creating, managing, and implementing networking systems with the aid of this study guide.

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  • Study One Topic at a Time

Study one subject at a time rather than the entire book at once. Before moving on to the next topic, read, comprehend, practice, and get skills in it. Self-learn everything and keep practicing. One would gain confidence and be able to thoroughly study for the CCNP Security test by tackling one topic at a time.

Benefits of CCNP Security Certification

The ability to implement LAN and WAN networks is demonstrated by the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) credential. To sit for the CCNP certification test, a candidate must have at least a year of networking experience. Network engineers, systems engineers, support engineers, and network technicians recognize the certification as a necessary skill set.

  • Skill Development and Growth 

If individuals possess the CCNP certification, they can operate as network engineers, computer systems and networks administrators, architects of computer networks, and computer and information systems managers.

If one has a CCNP certification, there are several work prospects and better pay. According to Cisco research, those with the CCNP certification make 10% more money annually than those without it.

  • Skill Recognition 

By obtaining CCNP certification, people can show that they have advanced knowledge and skills in computer networking. A certification from a renowned organization like Cisco demonstrates that a person has received the best training.

  • Staying up to date with Technology 

Our world is incredibly technologically advanced. The greatest approach to advancing a career as a CCNA-certified professional is to stay current with technological advancements.


Gaining the CCNP Security Certification will assist in acquiring the necessary industry-level skills and knowledge and accelerate career progression. Users’ understanding of cloud security, network security, network resource, access point, policy enforcement, securing content in enterprise settings, endpoints, and many other topics is required to pass the CCNP security test. One must show that one has the knowledge and skills to understand and explain complicated ideas during the exam. This test aims to gauge candidates’ verbal and critical thinking abilities, and it also functions as a tool for evaluating a person’s capacity for conceptual understanding and connection.

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