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Oracle Enhances its Comprehensive Cloud Security Capabilities

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Oracle is strengthening Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)’s built-in security services and capabilities to assist clients in safeguarding their cloud apps and data from emerging threats. Five new features, including a new built-in and cloud-native firewall service and additions to Oracle Cloud Guard and Security Zones, further out OCI’s extensive security offering. These advancements will help organizations protect their cloud installations and apps even more efficiently by providing accessible, prescriptive, and integrated services that, in most circumstances, do not require additional investment.

Organizations are just as convinced that critical apps and data can be housed safely in the cloud as on-premises. As a result, the decision becomes one of best fit; OCI’s cloud infrastructure design and new security services are highly deliberate and prescriptive based on the history of other cloud options in the market and the complexity and lack of automation that other providers’ clients experience. This article covers detailed knowledge of Oracle Cloud Security.


Overview of Oracle Cloud Security

Oracle Cloud Security operates on a shared responsibility approach like all cloud service providers. Customers can create and share whatever they want in the cloud, but they must ensure that everything is secure.

In other words, Oracle supplies safe-to-use technologies, and users are responsible for using them securely.


Oracle Cloud Security Features

Customers may safely scale out cloud deployment on this solid basis.

Oracle’s security portfolio is densely packed with solutions for data protection, identity and access management, safe configuration, and threat prevention. Whatever the need, Oracle Cloud Security delivers control from a single pane of glass via three interconnected tools:

  • Cloud Guard by Oracle
  • Maximum Security Zones in Oracle
  • Oracle Security Advisor


What Differentiates Oracle from Other Cloud Security Solutions?

Mature tools are vulnerable to sprawling since they must solve more yearly problems. Every day, new concerns in cloud security develop.

As a result, IT staff are overburdened precisely because detection tools have become so sensitive and policy rules have become highly flexible.

Oracle has been assisting businesses in transitioning to the cloud for as long as there has been a cloud. They recognize the long-term risks of an overburdened cybersecurity apparatus. Cloud Guard and Security Zones significantly minimize the number of tools used while maintaining visibility.

It is a positive step, and it is only possible because Oracle built their cloud from the servers up using application-layer security. Customers would have to rely on an ever-changing flurry of third-party fixes if all the moving elements needed to be natively integrated.

Another significant difference between Oracle and the big cloud companies is that they have yet to expand their buyer persona significantly. Although businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the cloud, Oracle remains focused on security solutions that address corporate demands and concerns.

AWS Security has fewer tools than they do, but they are robust enough to meet the most demanding regulatory and compliance requirements.


New OCI Security Innovations

Oracle has made security an essential and built-in feature for OCI clients to assist businesses in meeting regulatory compliance requirements, staying on top of security threats and concerns, and preventing security-related disruptions. Oracle is increasing its cloud security capabilities to provide multiple levels of defense to assist in promptly identifying and defeating emerging threats and security violations. Among the new capabilities are:

  • OCI Network Firewall

A new cloud-native managed firewall solution backed by industry-leading Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall technology (NGFW) provides centralized protection against cyberattacks throughout OCI. For inbound, outgoing, and lateral traffic to client workloads hosted on OCI, the firewall provides security controls, threat prevention, and mitigation tools such as custom URL filtering, intrusion prevention and detection (IDS/IPS), and TLS inspection.

Customers may use OCI Network Firewall to quickly activate and secure their apps and cloud environment with firewall functionality and scale their security across their cloud deployment. OCI Network Firewall is a turn-key solution, allowing users to use the firewall instantly without needing to configure and operate extra security infrastructure.

  • Oracle Threat Intelligence Service

Aggregates and maintains threat intelligence data from many sources to give actionable advice for detection and prevention in Oracle Cloud Guard and other OCI services. This tool draws insights from Oracle’s proprietary telemetry, open-source feeds like abuse.ch and Tor exit relays, and third-party partners like CrowdStrike.

  • Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector

Detects misconfigured resources, insecure activity throughout customer environments, and possibly harmful threat activity. It gives security administrators visibility into cloud security vulnerabilities, allowing them to triage and fix them.

  • Oracle Security Zones

Support for customer-defined policy settings and integrated security posture monitoring with Cloud Guard are added to Oracle Security Zones. Customers can now create their own security zone policy sets to limit actions that could jeopardize their security posture.

Users define bespoke security zone policy sets to determine which policies are acceptable. As an integrated platform feature that enables a growing number of adjacent OCI Security services, OCI enforces Security Zone policies. Security Zone policies, as opposed to IAM permissions associated with persons, operate as security guardrails for resources and define acceptable configurations.


Data Security and cyber-risk Management for the Modern World

One of the most precious assets in modern companies is data. Data is growing exponentially, and organizations rely on it for vital tasks like transaction processing and analytics. At the same time, data may be an organization’s most valuable asset.

With proper protection, the same data can quickly turn into a problem.

As a result, adequately safeguarding sensitive data and controlling cyber risk will be every organization’s most critical security priority.

Oracle security services and features enable organizations to function securely and confidently by creating and delivering our core technology products on three strategic pillars: automated, always-on, and built-in security.

Oracle security is designed from the ground up to provide full-stack protection, automate threat responses, and provide seamless, always-on protection. Customers must set these features and services to fulfill their security and compliance objectives.


Managing Cyber Risk in IT

Data breaches resulted in a 141% rise in the number of documents exposed in 2020 compared to 2019. The data affected by the breaches included Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and internal proprietary data such as intellectual property.

Oracle aims to enable any organization to benefit from the cloud’s agility, flexibility, and scalability without jeopardizing their or customers’ data. This goal has led to Oracle’s security-first design philosophy, which incorporates security into all cloud solutions at the architectural level, strengthening full-stack protection and a secure-by-design platform.



Oracle incorporates security at the architectural level into all of our cloud solutions, ensuring full-stack protection and a platform that is safe by design, including capabilities such as isolated network virtualization, hardware root of trust, and tenant isolation.

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Sign-Up with your email address to receive news, new content updates, FREE reports and our most-awaited special discount offers on curated titles !