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Preparation for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam

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It is quite common to find the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification test study challenging and time-consuming. In fact, obtaining the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification in one sitting requires a significant amount of effort.

As most machine learning projects and extensive data research migrate to the cloud, the demand for people who can efficiently design cloud data solutions is growing. You can show that you have the necessary abilities and expertise to develop and implement data processing systems and machine learning models on the Google Cloud Platform with the GCP Professional Data Engineer Certificate.

Exam preparation could take one to three months, depending on your experience and background in cloud data engineering. In this article, we will cover the GCP Data Engineer Certification Exam and how to pass it.

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What is Google Cloud Certification

GCP Certifications are industry-recognized certificates that confirm your technical cloud abilities and competence while aiding your professional development. Since GCP has built an overwhelming lead in the public cloud industry, these are among the most beneficial IT qualifications. Despite competition from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Offerings, and Rackspace, Google Cloud Platform is gaining headway in the public cloud platform today, with a growing list of exclusive services.

The two main reasons why GCP certifications are so prevalent in today’s cloud-based job market include:

  • There is a critical scarcity of experienced cloud engineers, developers, and architects, which is projected to remain for the foreseeable future.
  • The Google Cloud Certified project signifies that you have demonstrated the ability to leverage Google Cloud innovation to transform companies and influence the people and clients they serve.

Professional Data Engineer

A Professional Data Engineer gathers, transforms, and publishes data to make data-driven decisions. With security and compliance, scalability and efficiency, fidelity and dependability, adaptability, and portability in mind, a data engineer should be able to design, construct, operationalize, secure, and monitor data processing systems. They should also be able to use, deploy, and constantly train pre-existing machine learning models.

About GCP Data Engineer Certification Exam

Prerequisites: None

Duration of exam: 2 hours

Exam fee: US$200

Multiple-choice exam format (Single Answer and Multiple Answers)

Question Count: 50

The Google Professional Data Engineer Exam certifies your skills and knowledge in the areas you want to work. If a candidate wishes to work as a Google Professional Data Engineer and demonstrate his competence, Google offers certification. This Google Professional Data Engineer Certification verifies a candidate’s knowledge of Big Data and Data Engineering.

The Professional Data Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

  • Design data processing systems
  • Build and operationalize data processing systems
  • Operationalize machine learning models
  • Ensure solution quality

Certification Renewal / Recertification:

Candidates must recertify to maintain their certification status. Google Cloud certificates have two-year validation from the certification date unless otherwise mentioned in the entire exam description. Recertification is earned by taking and passing the exam again during the recertification eligibility period, which begins 60 days before your certification expires.

How Difficult is the Google Cloud Engineer Exam

As this is a professional level course, the candidates should have an Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) test on Google Cloud Platform demands a candidate to handle hypothetical difficulties in realistic circumstances using data streams.

Why Get Certified as a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer

  • According to a review conducted by Global Knowledge, GCP Data Engineer is the highest paying IT certificate
  • In cloud/mixture settings, you will want to configure, assemble, and operationalize Data Processing frameworks
  • You will simultaneously improve your information engineering and framework planning skills
  • You will learn about Machine Learning and approaches for product ionizing and operationalizing AI on Google Cloud

Tips to Pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam

  • Make Use of the Official Exam Guide

The outline organizes the skills required of a Professional Data Engineer and separates the exam into sections. Training is usually done step-by-step, with basic concepts introduced first, followed by more challenging ones.

  • Takedown Notes

The more abstract something is, the more critical it is to practice bringing those ideas to life. Going over the video content one more time is inefficient; thus, it is preferred to take down notes. You will get a lot of expertise by planning your communications, so there will be less repetition.

  • Time Management and Planning

If you tend towards procrastination but are determined to complete the certification in one month, book and pay the $200 exam fee as soon as feasible. Schedule your exam one week ahead of your deadline to ensure that you finish it on time. You may complete it a month ahead.

  • Read The Best Practices On GCP

Learn about best practices for the test and your regular work by consulting the GCP documentation. Many questions about the type of service to use and how to properly set it up appear on the exam. That is why, rather than focusing on Data Engineering, all possible solutions and how they might be combined with other services should be considered.

  • Choose Your Resource

Use the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer study guide with the latest blueprint as recently published by IPSpecialist.


The Demand for Google Certified Data Engineers in 2022

Currently, Google Cloud Professional Data Engineers are in high demand because of their ability to keep collecting, converting, and publishing data running smoothly.

This certification is considered the most renowned for its ability to implement machine learning models, create and structure accurate data processing systems, and ensure that data is secure and scalable.

A skilled data engineer’s talents make the data management process more efficient. Thus it is a critical function of Google Cloud’s data science team, and it makes it easier for the rest of the data team to fulfill their tasks.

Those who are confident in their programming skills and want to do in-depth studies in data and data technologies are most likely to pursue a job in Google Cloud Data Engineering. Data Engineering is a good option if you are interested in programming and data manipulation.


Nothing is complicated or inconceivable if sufficient effort is put forth with superb planning. The Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer credential is ideal for information design professionals since it distinguishes them from the competition.

To obtain this certification, the individual must pass an exam requiring meticulous planning. Competitors can prepare for this test by reviewing Google Cloud’s extensive learning resources. You may use the same strategies for GCP certifications and other certifications you plan to take in the future.

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