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What is DevOp? Site Reliability Engineering SRE vs DevOps

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What is DevOp?

DevOp is a set of practices and a culture designed to break down certain barriers between developers, operators, and other parts of the organization. Devop consists of developers and operations works. The developers are responsible for the features and operators are responsible for the stability. This means that the developers want to do their work quickly to improve their features and the operators want to move things slower to keep things stable. We can break down devop into five different areas.

Reduce organization silos – By breaking down barriers across teams, we can increase collaborations and throughput.

Accept failures as normal – Computers are inherently unreliable, so there is a need for perfection. We can introduce humans into the system to make things perfect as required.

Implement gradual change – Not only are small incremental changes easier to review but if a gradual change does make a bug in the operation, this approach allows us to reduce the meantime to recover, making it simple to roll back.

Leverage Tooling and Automation – Use the ready made thing to make the system as reliable as possible.

Measure everything – Measurement is the critical gauge for success. Without measuring all these four pillars, the system performance cannot be detected.

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Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is the domain that picks up the aspect of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. Software engineering is like a software development lifecycle where we can develop the software with the help of a few practices. The primary goal of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is to create a highly reliable and scalable software system. This means that the developers can develop things in a reliable system that should run minimum failures for a long duration in different environmental conditions.

If we see services like Gmail, Google, etc., they have been very strong in SRE and are running without any failure for a much longer time period.

With SRE, we can make sure that the failures that may occur in the production system do not occur in the same way more than once. We accept the failures as normal by encoding the concept of an error budget of how much the system is allowed to go out of the pre-defined limit.

To reduce the cost of failures, we roll things out to a small percentage of the fleet before we move them out for all users. Also, we try to remove the manual work as much as possible. At last, we measure how much toil SRE has and then try to automate this role.

SRE and Devops are the two parallel implementations to resolve the problems faced during the software delivery. SRE is most commonly used for resolving the software issue found in the Google platform whereas, Devops is used outside of Google.

The differences between SRE and Devops are mentioned below:

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)


An engineering discipline focused on the reliability of the system DevOps contains the set of practices to implement the solutions with separate development and operations organizations
It creates highly reliable and scalable systems It implements developers and operations works
SRE implements the Devops principle including CI/CD and agile principles Devops defines the CI/CD based concepts
Exists in the development team to find the issue on daily basis and immediately resolve to maintain the level of reliability Identifies solutions and alerts the developers


Both Devops and Site Reliability Engineering are the operation principles. The most common thing about the two are the monitoring and automation features. This is one of the main reasons to adopt the SRE implementation into the organization that contains the Devops principles and practices. If you’re interested in learning more about SRE & Devops, our new and improved AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Devops Solutions: Study Guide Volume 1 will be the best fit for you. Order today to get 21% OFF!

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