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What is Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

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A security service called Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) guards the IT assets of any company. It is essential for protecting businesses from potential online dangers.

Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) refers to outsourcing security provisioning, primarily on commercial platforms that use the Internet to do business. MaaS has become more and more popular in the last decade.

MaaS offers a centralized location for tracking an organization’s IT environment performance, availability, and security. MaaS enables organizations to proactively detect and address problems before they impact daily operations. Additionally, MaaS can be utilized to raise service standards and maximize resources.

MaaS is frequently offered as a subscription-based service, with pricing determined by the number of monitors required or the volume of data gathered. MaaS providers offer various features and choices tailored to a company’s requirements. The rise of cloud computing has increased interest in MaaS. This article covers detailed knowledge of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS).

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Features of MaaS

  • Protection Against External and Internal Threats

Security monitoring services analyze the 24/7 real-time warnings from security devices. The security analyst gathers information from numerous security tools to identify threats and provide practical countermeasures.

  • Delivering Business Values

The MaaS providers offer a full information security architecture and a staff of experts who are up to date on the newest technologies. The MaaS vendors offer scalable services, which is advantageous to their customers.

If the company attempted to construct its security infrastructure, it would have to focus on personnel attrition, technical updates, scheduling operations, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing a fix.

  • Real-Time Log Monitoring Enables Compliance

The process of log monitoring involves logging log messages into a file to aid administrators or developers in understanding how the system or application is being utilized. The speedy discovery of faults, failed processes, and services are made possible by real-time log monitoring.

Additionally, it offers warnings for network and protocol errors. It alerts the builders about infrastructural issues. MaaS offers automation for this laborious procedure.

Types of MaaS

Although MaaS can be classified into several distinct regions, the following are the main ones:


  • Cloud Monitoring as a Service

The many parts of the cloud, a volatile technology, make monitoring laborious. It can be summarized as gathering logs and data, managing them, and then analyzing them. On a real-time basis, management provides a better availability and performance analysis of the services and addresses problems before they emerge. It has a lot of different parts, like:

  • Database
  • Virtual network
  • Cloud Storage
  • Websites / Application monitoring

  • Security Monitoring as a Service

Security monitoring is based on reviewing logs, assessing the security of networks, and using unstructured data. Security check requirements include the following:

  • It will be a reliable and incredibly accessible source of assistance that is either open internally or securely.

  • The era of warnings is due to automated recognition that a crucial security event or scenario has occurred or been detected.

  • The dissemination of important warnings via various channels so that security and the board are informed as soon as possible.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service

The use of infrastructure monitoring allows for the collection of health and performance data from servers, virtual machines, hardware, data sets, and other backend components. Designers can use it to visualize, analyze, and warn on measures to determine whether a backend problem is affecting clients.

IT experts claim and work on it as a commercial interaction. Its goal is to collect and analyze data from the IT infrastructure and use it to improve business outcomes and foster the association’s reputation.

Benefits of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

The advantages of the MaaS offering are as follows:

  • Ready to Use Monitoring Tool Login

The vendor handles configuring the physical infrastructure, monitoring tool, configuration, and alarm settings. The client prepares to log in to the monitoring dashboard, which is reachable via an internet browser. For IT administrators, the MaaS dashboard now has a mobile interface.

  • Easy Integration with Business Processes

MaaS can produce an alert based on particular business circumstances. To allow different user groups to receive varying levels of warnings, MaaS also enables several escalation levels.

  • Cloud Aware and Cloud Ready

MaaS integrates effectively with other cloud-based solutions like PaaS and SaaS because it is already in the cloud. MaaS can watch over Cloud infrastructure from Amazon and Rackspace. MaaS can monitor any private cloud deployments that a customer may have.

  • Zero Maintenance Overheads

Individuals do not have to spend money on a network operations center using MaaS.

When to Use MaaS?

MaaS, or Monitoring as a Service, is a desirable option in the following situations:

  • Price Sensitive Customers

MaaS offers small and medium businesses a pay-per-use pricing structure that is affordable. Customers are not required to invest significantly in operational costs or capital expenditures.

  • Cloud-Based SaaS and PaaS offering Add-On

MaaS offers a better technological match for monitoring SaaS and PaaS cloud-based services. SaaS and PaaS can be offered with MaaS as an additional product option.

  • A mixture of Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure

The cloud already hosts MaaS. Therefore, MaaS offers appropriate monitoring options for the hybrid environment in installations where the customer has a mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

  • Multitenant Monitoring Requirements

MaaS offers a solid backend infrastructure for monitoring the multitenant services and their availability for suppliers delivering multitenant capabilities on their hosted services.

Infrastructure Assets That MaaS Can Monitor

MaaS can keep track of all aspects of IT infrastructure assets.

  • Servers and Systems Monitoring

Server monitoring offers information on the hardware dependability of the server, including Uptime, CPU, Memory, and Storage. Server monitoring is a crucial technique for identifying performance and functional issues with infrastructure assets.

  • Database Monitoring

Proactive database monitoring is required to ensure that databases are accessible to support business operations and functions. Additionally, database monitoring offers performance analysis and trend information that may be utilized to fine-tune the database architecture and queries and, ultimately, optimize the database for the company’s needs.

  • Network Monitoring

Any network, whether a LAN, MAN or WAN network, can be successfully utilized depending on two key factors: network availability and network performance. Network outages harm company productivity and might halt normal corporate activities. Proactive information regarding network performance bottlenecks and the cause of network disruption is provided by network monitoring.

  • Applications Monitoring

For many Windows, Linux, and other open-source operating systems-based programs, application monitoring offers insight into resource utilization, application availability, and essential process usage. Mission-critical applications that cannot afford even a few minutes of interruption require application monitoring. Using application monitoring, users may stop application errors in their tracks and guarantee efficient operations.

  • Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring provides data on resource usage and performance in the cloud for any cloud infrastructure, including Amazon or Rackspace. The actual resource utilization and performance parameters that can be used to optimize the cloud architecture are revealed by cloud monitoring.

Tools for Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

  • Azure Monitor

The devices’ data and instances in the Azure and on-premises environments are gathered, monitored, and the necessary actions are taken. It is quite effective and quickly locates and fixes issues. It merely gathers information from multiple sources and logs it. This information can be used for notifications, security checks, analysis, and other purposes. Its key benefit is that it offers a remedy in addition to informing the user of the problem.

  • AppDynamics

Another cloud-based monitoring tool used to keep track of all aspects of the program is called AppDynamics.

  • Amazon CloudWatch

It keeps an eye on EC2 instances, Dynamo tables, etc. It works well with applications running on AWS. Amazon CloudWatch makes managing these applications’ logs, alerts and troubleshooting simple.


MaaS is a cloud-based service that aids in managing and keeping an eye on an organization’s IT infrastructure. It offers in-the-moment visibility into resource usage and system performance. MaaS functions also include reporting, capacity planning, and event management.

MaaS offers ready-made tools for an affordable price. Customers do not need to worry much about managing and securing their IT; they can concentrate more on their company.

MaaS systems are advantageous for businesses of all sizes. They can aid small firms in cost-cutting for IT infrastructure. Large businesses can increase the effectiveness of their IT operations using MaaS. The rapidly growing MaaS market will be worth $7.8 billion by 2023.

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