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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing leverages the internet for scalable, cost-effective access to computing services,
transforming industries, enabling innovation, and shaping the digital future.

Why Should Someone Pursue a Career in Cloud Computing

Without a doubt, cloud computing is transforming the IT enterprise as we know it, and one thing is for sure, the cloud is here to stay. As this technology continues to evolve, so do the careers of IT professionals. Many employers are now shifting their focus to cloud services, making room for many candidates with the right set of skills. By getting certified in cloud computing, you open the doors of opportunity for yourself. Being a certified cloud professional comes with many perks; let’s have a look at some of them.

Improve your earning potential

According to current reports, cloud administrators, on average, earn less than $78,000, while cloud developers get an average salary of $118,758 a year. Cloud architects are big earners, with median salaries of $124,406, which can go as high as $173,719. A professional with an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification can make up of $125,971 per annum.

Secure jobs

By gaining the latest cloud computing skills, you can secure a job that isn’t influenced by volatile market conditions

Increase your chances of getting shortlisted

If you are looking to make a mark in the cloud industry, having a certification on your resume will help you get noticed by recruiting agents. It will help your employers see that you have a substantial amount of cloud computing knowledge, skills, and expertise for the job.

How Does Certification Help You & Your Employer?

Certification acts as a filter and helps shortlist candidates
Validates the technical skills of the candidate
Ensures quality, competency, & relevancy
Improves organization credibility & customer’s loyalty
Required to maintain organization partnership level with OEMs
Helps in job retention & promotion

Cloud Computing Course Catalogue

At IPSpecialist, you can explore the cloud computing domains, including:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Oracle Cloud

Check Out Our Cloud Computing Courses Now:


1. AWS Certifications

Unleash Cloud Expertise: AWS Certifications Elevate Your Mastery in Driving Cloud Transformation

Elevate your proficiency in cloud solutions with industry-recognized credentials, unlocking limitless possibilities to architect, develop, and manage cutting-edge cloud environments.

AWS certifications are divided into four major categories


IPSpecialist covered the following certification courses.



Ready to Master AWS? Explore Our Courses Today:

2. Microsoft Azure

“Elevate Your Potential with Azure Certification: Unleash Innovation in the Cloud”

Microsoft Azure certifications cater to cloud enthusiasts and enterprises, offering diverse benefits aligned with your career goals, certification level, and roles in the evolving cloud landscape.

IPSpecialist covered the following certification courses.

New Role-Based Microsoft Azure Certification Path

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Azure!

Enroll Now: https://ipspecialist.net/platform/azure/

3. Devops

“Harmonizing Development and Operations: Empower Your Expertise with DevOps Certification”

DevOps Certifications validate expertise in methodology, tools, and culture, shaping diverse benefits aligned with program choice, career goals, and roles within the dynamic DevOps landscape.

IPSpecialist covered the following certification courses

The Devops Roadmap

Ready to Revolutionize DevOps?

Enroll Today: https://ipspecialist.net/course-category/devops/

4. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certifications

“Navigate the Cloud with Confidence: Achieve Google Cloud Certification and Uncover Endless Opportunities in the Digital Sky”

Google Cloud certifications empower individuals and enterprises with tailored benefits shaped by career aspirations, certification tiers (Foundational, Associate, Professional, Specialty), and targeted roles within the dynamic realm of cloud computing.

IPSpecialist covered the following certification courses.

The GCP Roadmap

Embrace the Future of Cloud with GCP!

Enroll Today: https://ipspecialist.net/platform/google-cloud/

5. Oracle Cloud Certification

 “Unleash Limitless Innovation: Elevate Your Expertise with Oracle Cloud Certification”

Oracle Cloud certifications serve several crucial functions in the world of cloud computing and Oracle Cloud services. These certifications verify abilities and expertise in implementing, operating, and using Oracle Cloud technologies and services.

At IPSpecialist, you will get certification courses of:

Master Oracle Cloud for Unmatched Excellence! 

Enroll Now: https://ipspecialist.net/platform/oracle/

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Sign-Up with your email address to receive news, new content updates, FREE reports and our most-awaited special discount offers on curated titles !