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How to Download and Use Microsoft Copilot

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Microsoft 365 Copilot is an artificial intelligence feature that assists users with repetitive tasks like writing documents, summarizing emails, and preparing demonstrations. It has the best AI technology using GPT-4 large language model.

Some popular Copilot features are Business Chat and its integration with Microsoft apps like MS Word.

Copilot Business Chat is a bot that scans and reads your business data and apps to find the relevant information you need instead of searching, opening documents, or waiting for replies from colleagues. This article covers detailed knowledge of Microsoft 365 Copilot.


Key AI Capabilities of Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Intelligent Document Assistance: Copilot analyzes papers and provides real-time recommendations for improving content quality, grammar, and readability. It makes intelligent recommendations for phrasing, vocabulary, and style, allowing users to write high-quality documents effortlessly.


  • Data Insights and Visualization: Copilot analyses data within Microsoft 365 applications using AI algorithms and assists users in visualizing complex information through charts, graphs, and dashboards. It allows users to acquire valuable insights from their data, allowing for more informed decision-making.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Copilot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret user inquiries and offer accurate responses. Natural language instructions can be used to communicate with Copilot, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

How to download Microsoft Copilot

While Microsoft Copilot is already integrated into Microsoft 365 apps, the Visual Studio Code Copilot plugin can be downloaded from the official website. This plugin is convenient for developers and coders who want to use Copilot in their programming duties.

It is worth noting that another app named Copilot for Windows is available on the Microsoft Apps Store. This software differs from the AI-powered Copilot tool because it is designed to mobilize sales forces, tell stories, and connect with customers.


How to use Microsoft Copilot

To use Microsoft 365 Copilot, enable it in any integrated Microsoft 365 apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and others. To activate the tool, look for the Copilot icon in the app’s ribbon menu and choose it.

Copilot will work with you to release your creativity, increase your productivity, and improve your abilities once enabled. In Word, for example, Copilot can jump-start the creative process by offering a first draught to revise and iterate on, saving you time in writing, sourcing, and editing.

  • In Word

Microsoft Copilot assists you in draught, reviewing, summarizing, and creating Word documents. Click the “Copilot” icon in the toolbar to enable Copilot in Word. When enabled, Copilot can help you create and modify documents.

If you give Copilot a topic, it can quickly develop a first draught for you by gathering pertinent information from the internet and a reference text. Additionally, the program can improve old documents by adding new content, summarizing information, or rewriting paragraphs to increase clarity and readability.

Furthermore, Copilot can make suggestions to help you improve your writing, such as strengthening your arguments or reducing inconsistencies in sentence structure.

  • In Excel

Within minutes, Excel’s Copilot can help you get fresh insights, spot patterns, or generate aesthetically appealing data visualizations. Click the Copilot button in Excel to begin using it.

New Microsoft 365 customers no longer need to memorize intricate algorithms for each column and row to receive clear and concise statistical data. You can ask Excel’s built-in Copilot feature to do the heavy lifting in the latest edition of Microsoft 365.

  • In PowerPoint

Using natural language instructions, PowerPoint’s Copilot feature can transform ideas into polished presentations. Click the Copilot icon to unleash your creativity.

  • In Outlook

Outlook’s Copilot feature can assist you in organizing and consolidating your inbox, allowing you to spend more time engaging with others. To use the Copilot feature in Outlook, press the “start catchup” button.

You may access the Copilot tab right from your inbox using ChatGPT integration, allowing you to identify important information inside a lengthy email exchange rapidly.

  • In Teams

Copilot in Teams helps improve meeting productivity by displaying real-time summaries and action items inside the context of the dialogue. Microsoft Teams becomes a powerful tool for documenting meeting notes when used with ChatGPT 4.0.

  • In Power Platform

With two new features to Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents, Copilot in Power Platform may aid developers of diverse skill levels in swiftly prototyping and iterating on their low-code applications.


Benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Enhanced Productivity: Copilot’s AI capabilities enable users to focus on high-value activities and achieve more in less time by streamlining processes, providing productivity advice, and automating routine tasks.
  • Improved Content Quality: Copilot’s intelligent document assistance guarantees that users create high-quality material by providing real-time grammar, style, and phrasing suggestions. It functions as a virtual writing helper, improving document quality overall.
  • Data-driven Insights: Users can derive valuable insights from their data using Copilot’s data analysis and visualization capabilities. It enables decision-makers to make educated decisions by providing data in an understandable and actionable format.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Copilot improves cooperation during virtual meetings by integrating with Microsoft Teams. It automates note-taking, action item tracking, and information retrieval, promoting effective teamwork and lowering administrative costs.
  • Personalized Assistance: Copilot adjusts to the tastes and behavior of each user, providing personalized recommendations and help. It learns from user interactions and makes personalized recommendations to improve productivity and user experience.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Pricing

The specific pricing for Microsoft Corporation’s Copilot services has not yet been released; nevertheless, the cost will vary depending on the plan one selected.

The cost of Microsoft 365 Copilot may vary depending on criteria such as the number of users and the size of your business. Some Microsoft 365 subscription options include the service for free, while others charge a price.


The Copilot system: Enterprise-Ready AI

With the Copilot System, Microsoft is ideally situated to provide AI that is business-ready. Copilot is more than just the OpenAI ChatGPT component of Microsoft 365. The power of LLMs, including GPT-4, is combined with the Microsoft 365 apps and your company’s data in the Microsoft Graph, which is now available to everyone using natural language by a complex processing and orchestration engine operating in the background.


The Future of Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft is constantly investing in Copilot’s development, improving its features and integrating it with other Microsoft 365 applications. We should expect Copilot to become even more intelligent and proactive as AI technologies advance, assisting users in increasingly sophisticated ways. Furthermore, Microsoft will likely use its huge cloud resources and expertise to improve Copilot’s performance and scalability further.



Microsoft 365 Copilot is a big step forward in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Copilot enables customers to work smarter and more efficiently by providing intelligent document assistance, productivity advice, data insights, and innovative meeting features.

Copilot boosts productivity, increases content quality, enables data-driven decision-making, and fosters seamless collaboration by using the power of AI. As Microsoft continues to innovate, the future of Copilot looks bright, and organizations should expect to get even more out of their Microsoft 365 investment with this powerful AI tool.

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Sign-Up with your email address to receive news, new content updates, FREE reports and our most-awaited special discount offers on curated titles !