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How to Pass and Prepare for SC-900 Exam

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The ability to explain security, compliance, and identity theories, and the capabilities of Microsoft identity and access management solutions, security solutions from Microsoft, and compliance solutions from Microsoft, has been measured by the SC-900 exam, also known as Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam. Passing the Microsoft Exam SC-900 is a prerequisite for becoming Microsoft Certified in Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.

The SC-900 exam is a Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification exam, and it assesses the user’s ability to implement, monitor, and troubleshoot Azure security technologies. Users must have a firm grasp of Azure security concepts and be able to use them in practical situations if they want to succeed on the SC-900 exam. Users must also be familiar with the tools and techniques to secure Azure resources. This article covers depth knowledge of the SC-900 exam and how to pass it.

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About SC-900 Exam

Those who want to become familiar with the foundations of Security, Compliance, and Identity (SCI) across cloud-based and related Microsoft services are the target audience for this exam. The SC-900 certification is a great way to start in the Microsoft security sector.

Who ought to take the test?

Business stakeholders, new or experienced IT workers, or students interested in Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions could all be part of the exam’s large target audience.

Exam Format

The Microsoft Exam SC-900 has 40–60 questions in various formats, including scenario-based single-answer, multiple-choice questions requiring users to arrange answers in the correct order, drag and drop questions, and mark review.

Exam Questions Case study, short Answer, repeated Answer, MCQs
Number of Questions 40-50
Time to Complete 120 minutes
Exam Fee 375 USD

This certification is intended for persons who wish to get familiar with the SCI concepts as they apply to cloud-based Microsoft services and associated services.

Corporate stakeholders, novice or seasoned IT professionals, and students interested in Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions make up this large audience.

Candidates should have a thorough understanding of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, along with the knowledge of how Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity solutions may be applied to provide a comprehensive and end-to-end solution across a range of solution areas.

This exam assesses the proficiency in carrying out the following technical tasks:

  • Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity (10-15%)
  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft identity and access management solutions (25-30%)
  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Security solutions (25-30%)
  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions (25-30%)

Knowledge Required

The candidates should be familiar with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 and prepared to comprehend how Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions can bridge various solution areas to give a comprehensive and end-to-end solution to pass the SC-900 Exam.

SC-900 Test Syllabus

Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam will be prepared based on these topics; this is considered the most crucial component.

  • Security, Compliance, and Identity Concepts

  • Describing security methods
  • A second step is to explain security concepts
  • Microsoft Security and compliance principles explained

  • Microsoft Identity and Access Management Solutions’ Capabilities

  • Defining identity concepts and values
  • Describe the fundamental identity services and identity kinds available in Azure AD
  • The Azure AD’s authentication capabilities
  • Additionally, Azure AD’s access management capabilities
  • Presenting Azure AD’s identity protection and governance features in more detail

  • Capabilities of Microsoft Security Solutions

  • Describing Azure’s fundamental security features
  • Adding to that, describing Azure’s security management capabilities
  • Furthermore, Azure Sentinel’s security features
  • Describing Microsoft 365 Defender’s threat protection features (formerly Microsoft Threat Protection)
  • Moreover, describing Microsoft 365’s security management features

  • Capabilities of Microsoft Compliance Solutions

  • Describing Microsoft’s compliance management features
  • Describing Microsoft 365’s information protection and governance features
  • Insider risk features in Microsoft Office 365
  • The auditing features of Microsoft 365
  • Enhancing Azure’s resource governance capabilities

How can I prepare for the SC-900 exam?

  • Obtain Appropriate Resources

In July 2022, IPSpecialist published the first edition following the latest exam blueprint of the SC-900 exam. One can develop experience in creating, managing, and implementing networking systems with the help of this Study Guide.


  • Visit the Microsoft Official Website

Users can discover all the information they need regarding the SC-900 exam on the official Microsoft website. Numerous learning opportunities are available, including online discussion forums, official practice exams, and training courses.

  • Use SC-900 Practice Test

Although they simulate the actual exam atmosphere and contain the exact SC-900 questions that are asked in the actual exam, practice tests are the most practical approach to acquiring a feel for the exam.

Why Obtain SC-900 Certification?

The career can benefit significantly from the Microsoft credentials, including greater work chances, promotions, etc. The following are some advantages of obtaining SC-900 certification:

  • Strong Foundation

Instead of paying scant attention to each principle, Microsoft certifications emphasize the abilities required to perform effectively in a job role. Additionally, it gives you a solid basis to hone your skills in the event of a challenge. The quality of service a Microsoft-certified individual provides is superior to all others.

  • Acknowledgment

Microsoft is a well-known brand with a reputation for high quality; thus, many firms recognize its certifications.

  • Be Distinctive from the Crowd

It is imperative to have current knowledge about the IT industry. The candidate will be competitive and noticeable to potential employers once the foundational knowledge of Compliance, Security, and Identity has been verified and the candidate has obtained a certification from Microsoft.

  • Obtain Several Job Options

After passing the SC-900 test, the candidate can pursue higher-level certifications and eventually work in the information security, security operations, or identity & access management sectors.

  • Ways to Increase Pay

Unquestionably, a certified specialist is entitled to a greater wage. The candidate will pass the SC-900 exam with in-demand skills that will make them valuable to any business.


Microsoft tests can help candidates launch a successful career, but they are challenging. Possessing the necessary skills and technological know-how of one of the most renowned corporations in the world will undoubtedly open up wonderful chances. SC-900 is an exam that tests your knowledge of security concepts and best practices.

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Sign-Up with your email address to receive news, new content updates, FREE reports and our most-awaited special discount offers on curated titles !