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Is CEH Certification Hard to Pass?

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Organizational insecurities have risen due to increasing cybercrime and the risk of assault. Hackers attempting to experiment with simple mischief to committing felonies had impacted negatively on the e-commerce industry.

There is a lot of buzz in the ethical hacking business about how ethical hackers can deal with unethical conduct. Big enterprises and companies are hiring professional Ethical Hackers to save their businesses. This article contains all the critical information to help you ace the CEH Certification and become an expert in ethical hacking.

If you are thinking about taking the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam and want to know how to pass it, IPSpecialist is the best place to learn.

What is a Certified Ethical Hacker?

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program is the center of the most desirable information security training system. Furthermore, the CEH is the first in a three-part EC-Council Information Security Track that teaches you how to master hacking techniques. This course covers the techniques and strategies used by hackers and information security professionals to break into a company.

To Become an Ethical Hacker, What Does It Take?

To become an EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker, you must have proof of experience working in information security and pass the CEH test. You do not need to have any other credentials, but most candidates have specific basic certifications like CompTIA A+ before they contemplate becoming one.

Who Should Take This Course?

This training will help security officers, auditors, security experts, site administrators, and anybody concerned about the integrity of their network infrastructure.

Is the CEH Exam Hard?



Unless the candidate has received formal training, CEH needs at least two years of work experience in the field of information security and the ability to produce documentation of that experience as validated through the application process.

About Exam Level

There are 125 multiple-choice questions on the CEH exam. You have four hours to complete the test and correctly answer 70% of the questions to succeed. The exam covers a broad range of CEH topics, with several of them going into great depth.

Ethical hacking is a multidisciplinary field; to succeed in a CEH role, you must have a working knowledge of various topics, such as hacking tools, programming, databases, networking, and IT security. All of these will be covered in some way on the CEH test. If you’re using self-guided materials to study for the CEH test, make sure you cover the whole curriculum for the exam version.

Keep in mind that EC-Council will test your understanding of penetration testing techniques, vulnerability assignments, network security, and incident response by asking you questions. If you have only learned the course through books, you will have trouble answering these questions. Ideally, it would be best to enroll in a training session that allows you to gain hands-on experience with the tools and procedures you will be evaluated on, and this will make the exam feel much more accessible.

Students often find that they have enough time during the four-hour exam to answer all 125 questions and that with good study, the test is thorough but not unduly challenging to pass. You will need to pay attention to each question and respond appropriately. Given the exam’s length, several students think that the most challenging element is staying focused on the questions for an extended amount of time.


Evaluate with Practice Test

When you have completed all of your preparation, it is always good to take a practice test before sitting for the actual exam. Practice exams for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) will enhance your confidence, but they will also highlight the areas in your preparation where you need to put in more effort and emphasis.

Is CEH Worth It?

You must demonstrate a wide range of technical and social abilities to be a good ethical hacker. Taking CEH training forces you to look into topics and skills you might not have looked into otherwise, but that will come in handy later in your career.

Why is CEH In-demand Globally

Due to the global e-commerce and social media booms, security and privacy are the two most pressing problems. The spread of digitalization and internet awareness to the farthest reaches of the globe has brought security to the fore even more.



The CEH is arguably the best choice for professional certification for security professionals who want to show their present or potential employer that they have the knowledge and ability to think like an opponent. A cybersecurity professional who holds a CEH will stand out from the crowd as someone capable of more than merely following procedures.

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