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What is the Difference Between CEH V10 and CEH V11

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As you may be aware, the increase in cybercrime and, as a result, the expansion of cyber-attack strategies has led to global demand for cybersecurity professionals. EC-Council has officially released CEH V11, the latest basic certificate for cyber security, titled Certified Ethical Hacker V11. However, many of you are curious about the key differences between CEH V10 and CEH V11. What modifications has the CEH V11 brought with it? Let’s have a look at this article.

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CEH Certification

Cyber-attacks and cybercrime are becoming more common with each passing day; thus, we all need cyber-security. Cyber-security also includes ethical hacking. Hackers are notorious for destroying and exploiting infrastructures such as network devices, hardware, and software. On the other hand, certified ethical hackers perform the same tasks, but legally and legitimately, to improve organizations and industries. Ethical hackers provide valuable outcomes by searching for and identifying system vulnerabilities and taking the necessary steps to protect the system from malicious hackers. The certified ethical hacker (CEH) certification is an ethical hacking course that teaches you how to become a professional who verifies and determines the weak points in network infrastructures with the owner’s permission.

CEH became a standard in information security after its release in 2003. The CEH curriculum prepares cybersecurity experts to serve as ethical hackers and penetration testers. A trained ethical hacker recognizes the malicious attacker’s strategy and attack vectors. A CEH specialist imitates the skills and mannerisms of black hat hackers to discover the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of an organization’s security systems.

The Purpose of the CEH credential is to:

  • Establish and enforce basic standards for professional information security specialists to be credentialed in ethical hacking techniques
  • Notify the public that credentialed people meet or surpass the basic requirements
  • Enhance ethical hacking’s status as a distinct and self-regulatory profession

What is CEH V10

Any information security expert will need the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v10) curriculum, a trusted ethical hacking Certification program. With the all-new CEH v10, EC-Council raises the bar for ethical hacking certification programs.

This curriculum has been updated in its tenth edition to give you the tools and strategies that hackers and information security professionals use to break into any computer system. This curriculum will immerse you in a “Hacker Mindset,” teaching you how to think like a hacker and preparing you to protect against future attacks.

What Is CEH V11, and Why Is It Demanding?

The CEH V11 (Certified Ethical Hacker V11) course is the most in-demand and sought-after information security training curriculum. This certification is required for every information security professional who wants to advance their career. CEH V11 will teach you how to hack a firm utilizing commercial-grade hacking tools, strategies legally, and approaches hackers and information security professionals utilize.

The CEH v11 will have the same concept

  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Clear Logs

IoT device hacking and Cloud Computing hacking are two new concepts that IT has introduced.

What’s New in CEH V11?

  • EC-Council introduced the CEH v11 course, adding more topics to the curriculum while deleting other topics from CEH v10
  • The CEH V11 course covers all of the objectives in detail, allowing you to acquire the required skills and knowledge to pass the CEH test
  • CEH v11 certification is a high-demand security certification with a high payout worldwide
  • CEH is now in its eleventh version, with the most up-to-date operating systems, tools, methods, exploits, and technologies

Difference between CEH V10 and CEH V11


  • SMB Enumeration, Netbios Enumeration, Smtp Enumeration, and LDAP Enumeration are all examples of enumeration
  • Malware from the past and no analysis in Version 10
  • In V10, there is no OT idea and only a basic IoT concept
  • The fundamental notion of cloud computing – just types of cloud computing – no vulnerability explanation in V10 – no advanced concept provided
  • WEP and WPA2 are two old wireless concepts


  • NFS ENUMERATION, DNS Cache Snooping, and DNSSEC Zone Walking have all been added
  • The threat of Malware, File Less Malware, and Trojan Analysis
  • IoT Hacking, – Device Management, – IoT Hacking, – IoT Hacking, – IoT Hacking, – OT Security, and – OT Attack
  • Explained Kubernetes Vulnerability Case Study and Server Less Application Security Concept have been added to Cloud Computing Solutions
  • New and Advance wireless Security mechanism added – WPA3 – Implementation, Process – WPA3

Exam Cost

CEH V11 costs $500 to take the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) V11 exam. Students who are self-studying for the exam must pay a $100 application fee and have two years of relevant information security work experience.

Exam Pre-requisites

Unless the candidate undergoes official training, CEH requires the candidate to have at least two years of experience working in the Information Security sector and be able to produce documentation of the same as validated through the application procedure.


We hope that this article has provided you with a thorough understanding of CEH. The differences and advancements of the updated version of the ethical hacking certification. The main difference is that the old concept had been removed, and we’re introduced to the latest concept with the new syllabus and practical knowledge.

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