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Wi-Fi Certifications That Can Advance Your Career

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An essential accreditation that might boost your career in networking and information technology is Wi-Fi certification. Modern life is now largely dependent on Wi-Fi technology, which powers everything from laptops and smartphones to smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets.

A Wi-Fi certification can provide you with the abilities and information required to succeed in this industry, and it can be a significant advantage while looking for work or improving your career. Wi-Fi certifications come in a variety of levels, from entry-level to advanced, and each has its own requirements and target areas.

Wi-Fi certification can be a valuable investment in your career, providing you with the skills, knowledge, and credentials needed to succeed in this dynamic and rapidly-evolving field. This article covers detailed knowledge of Wi-Fi certifications that can advance your career.


Wi-Fi Certifications

There are certifications to help you demonstrate your wireless knowledge and abilities, regardless of whether you are just beginning your IT career, were in IT before Wi-Fi existed, or even hold a role outside of IT.

First off, one of the most well-known programs in the wireless industry, Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP), offers vendor-neutral qualifications. These are fantastic if you do not already support a particular networking company.

Security experts who seek to extend ethical hacking or penetration testing from wired to wireless networks can benefit from vendor-neutral wireless credentials.

Additionally, the businesses that sell Wi-Fi equipment and platforms have vendor-specific certifications. There are even some certificates that are completely free. Here are  Wi-Fi certifications that can advance your technological understanding and advance your career.


  • Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS)

For those in non-technical roles, such as sales and marketing, in firms that deal with Wi-Fi, or for IT professionals who are new to Wi-Fi, the Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS) vendor-neutral certification covers the fundamentals of Wi-Fi.

This certification aims to verify fundamental knowledge of enterprise Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) hardware and software and basic enterprise Wi-Fi vocabulary.

  • Certified Wireless Technician (CWT)

The Certified Wireless Technician (CWT) credential is the entry-level, vendor-neutral certification for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their proficiency in wireless Access Point (AP) installation and configuration.

 The content, like the CWS, is intended to be taught independently using reading resources and/or video lessons. The exam is a 90-minute online test with 60 multiple-choice, single-answer questions.

  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

Despite the fact that there is no prerequisite for the vendor-neutral Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification other than the recommendation to have a basic understanding of networking (routers, switches, TCP/IP, etc.) and one year of work experience with wireless LAN technologies, it is more thorough than the  CWT.

Before moving on to their higher security, design, analysis, or expert certificates, you must get this foundation certification covering WLAN design and configuration.

  • Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP)

Obtaining a Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) credential requires passing the Certified Wireless Security Professional exam. CWNA certification is a prerequisite for this professional-level wireless LAN and cybersecurity certification.

Professionals and teachers alike must get minimum passing marks of 70% and 80% on the CWSP test, respectively. If you pass this exam for certification, it will remain in effect for three years before you need to retake it. Only holders of active CWNA credentials who also pass the most recent CWSP exam are eligible for recertification. If you satisfy these conditions, the certification will be extended for an additional three years.

  • GIAC Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks (GAWN)

The vendor-neutral GIAC Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks (GAWN) certification is intended for IT and security professionals who wish to perform wireless-based penetration testing or ethical hacking and other IT personnel who want to comprehend wireless vulnerabilities fully. This certification covers performing additional attacks on Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, DECT, RFID, and Zigbee devices and cracking encryption and intercepting transmissions.  There are no strict requirements for this certification. However, some college-level coursework and relevant work experience are advised.

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Enterprise Wireless

Your knowledge of and expertise with enterprise wireless would be shown by the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Enterprise Wireless vendor-specific certification, specifically in a Cisco environment.

Although there is not a set requirement for this certification, having 5 to 7 years of experience designing, deploying, managing, and optimizing enterprise Wi-Fi networks is advised. The passing of two tests is necessary for this certification. First, a 120-minute qualifying test covering fundamental corporate technologies is required. This exam serves as the foundation for three more certifications.

After that, a practical lab exam lasting eight hours covers the complete network lifecycle of enterprise wireless networks, from planning and deploying to operating and optimizing.

  • Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA)

Your networking expertise and capacity to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot Aruba equipment will be demonstrated by the vendor-specific Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) certification. It focuses on configuring Aruba WLAN features and integrated firewalls and covers the Aruba Mobile First Platform, which is based on the Aruba Mobility Conductor and Controller architecture.

  • RUCKUS Certified Wi-Fi Associate (RCWA)

You can design, implement, optimize, maintain, and troubleshoot RUCKUS Wi-Fi solutions in a range of production situations by earning the vendor-specific RUCKUS Certified Wi-Fi Associate (RCWA) certification.

There is no prerequisite for this certification; it is advised that you possess a thorough knowledge of the 802.11 standards, RF fundamentals and techniques, routing and switching, and the unique characteristics of RUCKUS equipment.


  • Extreme Networks Associate (ENA)

The Extreme Networks Associate (ENA) certification validates your competence to configure, deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Extreme Networks settings. There are no official prerequisites for pursuing this certification.

  • Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)

Obtaining the Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) certification shows that you can evaluate a network’s susceptibility to security risks, utilize best practices, and advise on how to prevent security breaches and attacks. This certification, made available by CWNP, can also demonstrate your ability to carry out security audits, keep track of security compliance, and build solutions that guard against wireless hacking. As specialized IT careers centered on reducing security risks in wireless networks have grown in popularity, this certification can help you advance your career. An IT security professional or security analyst are two positions you could obtain with this certification.

  • Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP)

The Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) credential attests to your ability to design networks at the enterprise level. You can create a corporate network, comprehend the architectures and protocols of a wireless local area network, execute a site survey, design end-to-end security, and validate a developed network if you possess a CWDP, a credential made available by CWNP. When you obtain this credential, typical careers include voice engineer or network administrator.

  • Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP)

Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) certification is a senior certification at professional level, and a valid CWNA certification is a prerequisite. When CWNP provides CWAP, you can learn to analyze, debug, and optimize any wireless network.


Importance of Wi-Fi Certification

Wi-Fi certification ensures that Wi-Fi-enabled devices are compatible and adhere to the Wi-Fi industry standards. Wi-Fi certification is when a product undergoes rigorous testing to verify that it conforms to industry standards for Wi-Fi connectivity, security, and interoperability.

The importance of Wi-Fi certification lies in the fact that it assures consumers that the device they are purchasing will work seamlessly with other Wi-Fi devices and networks, ensuring a high-quality user experience. Certification guarantees the device has passed the necessary security protocols, protecting users from potential threats.

For manufacturers, Wi-Fi certification ensures that their products meet industry standards and are market-ready, giving them a competitive edge. Certification also helps manufacturers avoid potential legal issues from non-compliance with industry standards.

In summary, Wi-Fi certification ensures that Wi-Fi-enabled devices work together seamlessly, are secure, and meet industry standards. It benefits consumers and manufacturers by providing assurance, enhancing the user experience, and ensuring market readiness.



Wi-Fi certification can play a significant role in advancing your career in networking and information technology. The need for knowledgeable experts who can design, build, and manage Wi-Fi networks is growing as Wi-Fi technology plays a larger role in our daily lives.

A Wi-Fi certification can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet this demand and can be a valuable asset when seeking employment or advancing your career.

Overall, Wi-Fi certification is an investment in your career that can pay dividends in the form of higher salaries, greater job opportunities, and increased job security.

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